Rise Up Investments Group present to you the most unique awards ceremony for UK based Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe Music and Arts Awards UK (ZIMAA UK) will be making its 5th appearance on the 26th of November 2016. The enhanced format focuses primarily on those involved in the different arts sectors as it is a sector that has been making huge strides in enhancing the country’s cultural image.


The Logo

The ZIMAA UK brand has changed to incorporate the Flame Lily, which is Zimbabwe's national flower. The flower, also known by its Latin name Gloriosa Superba is aptly named for the nature of these awards. The Latin name simply translates to modern English as "Glorious, Superb" which is what describes the artists who despite busy schedules and some hardships still pursue their passions in the different sectors sectors bringing happiness, entertainment and pleasure to their clients and patrons. The beauty and brightness of the flower also symbolizes the people of Zimbabwe and the vision we have for all Zimbabwean artists the world over to bloom and excel above others. 


This Year's Event

The awards ceremony will form the centrepiece of the event which includes dinner and live entertainment. Awards will be handed out to the winners by prominent members of the community as well as specially invited quests. Winners will be decided via an online poll after nominations are placed. The dinner will be served as a banquet style hot buffet by the award winning Holiday Inn hospitality team. Various options will be available for those with different dietary requirements. Live entertainment will be provided by musicians, poets, dancers and comedians.


The Future

Rise Up Investments Group intend to carry on hosting the ZIMAA UK event for the foreseeable future. As individuals with a passion for the arts, the team envisage a future where the event will grow from strength to strength fostering a spirit of healthy competition among artists which will be conducive for the development and growth of Zimbabwean arts in the diaspora. The company also recognises the importance of constantly engaging people in the arts because their input is vital for the event to be successful. We have therefore lined up some events and meetings with key stakeholders including fans and clients to work out a defined way forward.